Tuesday 27 November 2012

Super November 4 : Alien Predator

Little is know about the Alien Predators, but what is certain is that their culture is based on the need for their young warriors to test themselves by hunting the most fierce threats in the galaxy. And what could be more of a threat that a superhuman? 
For decades AliePredators have been coming to earth in small numbers, and in secret, to hunt superhumans  They have no moral qualms about who they hunt- Hero or villain  it makes no difference to them. 

This Predator is one of Copplestone Casting's Future Wars Range- it was a delight to paint, as has been every Copplstone figure I have ever painted. There is something about Mark Copplstone's neat, clutter-free lines that I love. This particular model was off my old mate Leon- who was chucking it out. Thanks mate.
The observant might notice that this figure is based in the manner of my Sci-Fi skirmish project, not my superheroes campaign. I will confess this is because I haven't got round to basing/spraying any more figures for Super-November, and this one was on the work bench waiting to be done.  The cold/damp weather has been playing havoc with my figure spraying schedules., but at least it means that I am getting some of the 'hanging-around-figures' dine at last. 


Michael Awdry said...

Great job on a fabulous miniature; makes me want to dig out my remaining ones of these I haven't done yet.

Adam said...

Those are great figures that look like a blast to paint. I just don't think I'll be playing in a game that uses them, so I don't own them yet.
Nice job though!

Simon Quinton said...

Nice work mate. I only have one that I won in a competition that the Angry Lurker ran. I must get some more because they are superb sculpts.