Tuesday 6 November 2012

Zomtober Round Up and Super-November Launch

With October  Zomtober over with it's time for a bit of reflection. Over all, I think it was a success. I have added ten  (or 91/2) Zeds to my horde, which was quite a result, considering I also had to paint some VBCW figures for the Big Game 5. Leon (aka Pulp Citizen) also clocked up 5 Zeds. Our wargaming table will be groaning (no pun intended) under the weight of so many walking dead! As Leon is a very slow painter this represents something of a herculean effort for him- so well done Leon. 
Adam added five more zombies to the massive horde of walking dead populating Havensburg, including a zombie priest! Mean while Brummie, caught flat-footed without any zombies to paint, built up a colony of 11 survivors! Well done Brummie. It looks like the human race might not be done for just yet!

I think you will agree that Zomtober has qualified as a success, and well done to everyone involved. I thought it was fantastic reading you blogs and seeing what progress you have made. 

Which brings me on to November. Now, at the beginning of Zombtober Leon and I agreed that this would not be a regular feature, as it was really just an excuse to get some more minis painted, but evidently Leon works well with a deadline. He has asked me if this November can be Super-November. Basically I think he has a number of superhero models he needs to get painted and wanted a bit of a kick up the arse. I have agreed, mostly because I am feeling a bit guilty that this blog, which is supposed to be devoted to 28mm Four Colour Superheroes, has lost the plot a bit in the last twelve months or so. 

And so, Super-November was born. Same drill as Zomtober- We will each paint five figures by the end of Super-November with a superhero theme. If you want to join in, you are welcome, but if that's not you bag, then just sit back, relax and watch us frantically trying to finish our minis before the dead line. 

And I promise that there will be no theme in December. Well maybe promise is too strong a word...


Unknown said...

Good luck this month.
Cant wait to see what you come up with.

pulpcitizen said...

5? No! Bloody hell! We only agreed 4!

Rob Bresnen said...

I am sure even you could manage 5. I mean- you have got giant Hadron 3/4 painted already.

pulpcitizen said...

Too much pressure! 4! :)

The first deadline is tomorrow BTW!