Thursday, 19 March 2015

War Machine Heavy Warjack

Here is the first of what can only presume will be an army of Warjacks for War Machine. I got this one of my mate Pulp Citizen for Christmas and have finally got round to slapping some paint on it. Hopefully it might motivate Pulp Citizen to get cracking and paint some more of his. There is also a good chance that this might be press ganged into In Her Magnesite Name as a steam powered automaton. We are trying the game  (IHMN) out at Earlswood this weekend, as one of the young lad fancies having a go at building his own company. I don't know what the older members of the group will think of Victorian SciFi- I hope they don't think I am lowering the tone.

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pulpcitizen said...

Looks great. We definitely have to get some Warmachine/Hordes gaming in. :)

I have started painting another Light Warbeast for my Circle Orboros this week, a Waywatcher (a humanoid stone Warbeast this time).