Sunday 8 March 2015

West Midlands Military Show 2015

Today was the West Midlands Military Show (also known as Allumwell Show), a wargaming and modelling show. I went with my son and had a really nice time, and saw some familiar faces. Here are a few photos of some of the battles being showcased. There were lots of nice tables but here a a few of my favourites. 

WW2 Chain of Command

VBCW (Tym and Tom)

VBCW madness- A guy fishing in the midst of battle- one of countless lovely details

Tym's scatch built terrace street for the VBCW game

Drop Zone Commader- very icky and green!

Buildings by

Indian Mutiny

Needless to say I spent a load. I bought some more Fallschirmjager from Artizan, Spanish militia from Eagle Miniatures, some terrain and, most unexpectedly, some 15mm Weird World War 2 stuff from Clockwork Goblin (not a company I have even heard of before but their figures are lovely). I plan on using them to spice up my Flames of War army. 

All in all a great day out. 


JP said...

Cracking pics mate, looks like a great day!

Tony said...

It was a great day.


cwheeler said...

what wonderful tables. Love the vbcw and ww2 tables. Will save some of those images for future use!