Saturday 2 January 2016

2015 round up

December has been hectic with my work, my wife's work, Christmas and so on. I have managed to get some games done, and have painted a a good pile of figures, but the light has been poor in the UK for photos. As soon as we have a bright day (when I am not at work) I will photograph what I have been working on in December and post them. Expect a storm of Frostgrave minis, some Peninsular war minis, and some other random odd and sods- including 50+ 15mm Napoleonics which I painted by accident before I realised that they were supposed to be 10mm. Doh!

2015 saw my usual painting frenzy continue unabated. I haven't totalled up how many, and certainly a lot of what I have painted hasn't made it onto the blog, but I think it must be over 300 figures again. I would like to think that the lead pile is shrinking a little but there is no evidence of that. 
At the end of 2014 I said that my priorities for 2015 would be Napoleonics, Fallshirmjager, and Home Guard, all of which I have been working on during the year. The Fallschirmjager is completed, and I have painted most of my Home Guard figures (although I am tempted to add another couple of squads and some support weapons). The Napoleonic project is ongoing and I will continue to plod on painting new units as the mood strikes me. I have painted about 40-50  for this project this year. All in all I think that is a big pat on the back for me for sticking to projects and not getting too distracted. 
The other plan for 2015 was to paint smaller easily contained projects with a dozen figures or so at the most. Pulp city, Dead Man's Hand, War Machine and On the Seven Seas were all named, but of these projects I have yet to draw any to a game-able point. I did start Frostgrave as a short project but that got a bit out of hand, as I have now painted over 32 figures and lost of scenery and I have yet to play a game. I have also finished two small crews for Freebooters Fate, but would like to expand these a bit next year. The other highlight was painting Carl's Zombiecide minis for Zomtober- that was hard work but they were lovely to paint. 

Part of an on going Napoleonic project

A completed WW2 projects!

A half completed On Seven Sea Project that has yet yo see the light of day...
So what for 2016? Well as I have already said I intend to continue to add to my Peninsular War collection, only 2016 will see more French and their allies added to to the mix so I can get larger skirmish games in using the Sharp Practice. I will also add more to my Home Guard army so that they become a usable army for Bolt Action. I also intend to finish painting my crews for On the Seven Seas.
My Big idea for 2016 is the 18th centruy. I intend to add to my my French and Indian wars range (starting with the French and more civilians/militia), then expand the gaming world by relocating the 18th century British and French troops, and sailors from my On The Seven Seas collection, to India to fight Indian troops (real Indians this time, not native Americans) with Clive of India. This will mean I can use my figures in several different settings. I also intend to use my old Wargames Foundry Zanzibari slavers as Arab Mercenaries as well, so I will have lots of options. I will be making some Adobe buildings which will be useful for a whole range of other projects form Afghanistan to Mexico.

Other definitely  planned projects are (in no particular order)...

  1. Pulp Citizen and I are going to embark on a Drop Zone Commander project, starting hopefully in February. 
  2. An Ancient Celt/British army in 28mm, on multi-figure basing
  3. Mujahideen for a 'modern' project with some of the guys down at Earlswood
  4. 10mm Napoleonic Spanish/British/ Portuguese 
  5. More Frostgrave, Scum and Villainy, 

Other Pipe Dream ideas are...

  1. WW2 Syria with British, Commonwealth and Free French Forces against Vichy France
  2. Mexican Revolution
  3. 1848: A Very Victorian Civil War
Wish me luck, I think I am going to need it. 


pulpcitizen said...

Excellent round-up mate.

DZC is a definite!

Also, what chance of getting in some more Freebooter's fate gaming and getting you to finish up a Team for Pulp City? :)

Simon Quinton said...

Nice round up you have been rather quiet this year but this has meant you have been rather productive instead! Good luck for 2016 and the plans for it!

Vladgothic said...

Interested in the modern project, you must explain more.