Monday 18 January 2016

French and Indian Wars: Wild Animal Markers

"Hey Sarge, did you see that bush movin'? Maybe there is one of them Injuns or Frenchies sneakin' up on us?"
"Don't be squeelin' like a yella belly. That 'ain't no Injun. Sure that's just a fox rustlin' in the leaves lookin' for varmint."

Both rules sets I use for French and Indian wars requires the use of 'Blinds' or hidden unit markers to show the whereabouts of hidden troops as they stalk their way through the forests. Songs of Drums and Tomahawks suggests that you could use bases with woodland animals on to add a funky looking bit of detail and make the game look less abstract. I thought that was a rather nice idea, so after a ferret though my lead mountain and a foray on the internet I set to work making six wild animal markers. 

The fox and the white wolf are from Warbases- actually they are both supposed to be wolves but I painted the fox differently to give me more easily recognised differences. At this scale it doesn't make much difference. The cougar is from a pack Pulp Citizen gave me- I am pretty sure they were Ral Partha. 


pulpcitizen said...

Very nice work on all 3 of those; very apt looking. :)

Rod said...

Great idea. I like it.

Simon Quinton said...

They all look good but the fox looks brilliant! Nice work Rob!

Jay said...

Great modeling!