Sunday 31 January 2010

Here's a few pictures of some scenery I have recently acquired to enhance my role playing/war gaming experiences.

Firstly, here are some of the cactus (cacti?) that my good friend Leon recently gave me. He bought them ages ago, but hasn't got round to doing anything with them. Knowing I am working on some cowboys for Legends of the Old West, he kindly thought of me. These are produced by Pegasus Hobbies of Montclair, Ca. Presumably they know a thing or two about cactus in Montclair.

The next few pictures are examples of resin scenery produced by Fenris Games. I have been using Fenris Games scenic bases fro some time, and have been delighted with them. They are a great little company, with very good customer service. I recently had a quite large order go missing in the post. After a few emails and one phone call they kindly replaced the entire order, and added in a few miscasts free of charge to make up for the inconvenience. That's what I call excellent customer service.

Some trash cans. Always good to provide a bit of colour (and cover) to a scene. They also make a half-descent projectile for super strong villains to toss around.

This is some kind of generator or similar. It's big, about 12cm long and 3cm tall, which makes it a good 'barricade' too. I imagine that it will be found in Mad Scientist Doctor Otto's laboratory, but it could also fit into a SciFi game, Warhammer 40K, or even a Pulp setting. I'm looking forward to painting it.

This is a collection of random techno-gubbins to be found in any self-respecting mad scientist's laboratory. One or two of these were in the bundle of miscasts, and might need a tiny bit of TLC before painting.

Some barrels. Here we have the conventional oil drum type that you might find in any factory or waste ground, but also the toxic waste and radioactive waste drums- A perfect way fro some unsuspecting collage student to get splattered in something that glows in the dark and gives him super-powers! The middle barrel is a 'wooden' one, and was a miscast, but I think it will work well in a Cowboy setting, where it will be a water butt. There a few minor air holes, but it should be easy enough to fill.

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pulpcitizen said...

Cacti is right, I think, Rob.

Glad to see they will be put to some use. :)