Saturday 16 January 2010

Here's some more cowboys from my Legends of the Wild West game. As I pointed out in an earlier blog this icy weather had been playing havoc with my painting plans, as I have not got any more super minis sprayed and ready for painting, and so I have been finishing off some of these lovely minis.

Preacher and the prospector are by Artizan Designs; the saloon girl is in fact a Victorian street walker from West Wind's Gothic War range (Jack the Ripper series I think); the sheriff is by Black Scorpion.
There a bit of scale creeping going on there, as BS stuff weighs in at about 32mm, while Artizan and West Wind are more like 28mm. Dixon, by comparison, are more like 25mm. I think that, by and large, I am going to stick with Artizan and Crusader, which seem to go together very well, and possibly get some of the excellent Wargames Foundry stuff, which I know will scale well together. Dixon minis can fill in gaps in my range, as they are cheap, if a little bit too small. BS will do for the odd character too, after all, some people are tall, and others short, so long as I don't over do it.
"How 'bout a nice mug of Old Joe?"
Here's Cookie and Old Digger Johnson, posing next to a camp fire, and helping to illustrate the scale differences between Dixon and Artizan. Cookie and the fire are both by Dixon.


Molotov said...

Very nice models. I suggest you check out this log for some inspiration:

Interesting to see your group trying out something new. As a Necromunda player I'm interested in both the Old West and High Seas games, but I haven't been able to get into them for various reasons. As a result, vicariously watching your games through your blog does a bit to sate my enthusiasm!

pulpcitizen said...

It is great to see more of the Wild west stuff Rob. Looking forwards to future games with them.

I have just had a wacky idea about using some of your Wild West stuff in a one-off Pulp City game...

pulpcitizen said...

Re: Wild west ranges of minis, have you seen the Boot Hill range Rob?