Thursday 7 January 2010

This is an image of one of Doctor Otto's latest creation, Code Name; Fiend.
Few can imagine what would drive a genius like Doctor Otto to create his army of Fiends. Some weakness in his character or insanity has lead him to become obsessed with developing a super-soldier, no matter how depraved his research gets.
The Fiends believed to be created using muteogenic materials, advanced nano-cybernetics, and a denatured form of the Zombie-contagion. Super strong, and near unstoppable, could Doctor Otto have finally succeeded in developing the ultimate weapon?
Not really a super-mini, this is part of the Gothic horror range by West Wind Games (who used to do superfigs in the UK). I have got a few more of these kicking around, and so I might base them up on the resin bases and paint them up to. I had to paint him in the old-school zombie green as a tribute to the Hammer Horror era Frankenstein's Monster. Love that.

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