Thursday 21 January 2010


This is Deathorilla, the evil criminal mastermind behind the White House Bombing, and the theft of the Crown Jewels of Sweden (amongst other things).
Experts still speculate on wither Deathorilla is a mutant human or gorilla, an alien or perhaps the product of one of Doctor Otto's experiments. One thing is for certain, it's wise not to ask an ape about his origins.
This mini is from the Superfigs range, where he gos by the name of Doctor Simian. It's not the fist time I have painted Doctor Simian, but while rummaging through my bitz and bobz box I came across another one I had bought ages ago, which I had planed to use as a Wookie Jedi in a Star wars campaign which never took off. I love the mini, so I thought why not paint it again, with a scenic base.

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