Friday 3 September 2010

CLiNT Magazine #1

I have just, almost by accident, picked up issue 1 of a new magazine here in the UK called CLiNT, a comic aimed at an adult (or big kid at least) audience. I am sure it wont come as news to the fan boys out there, but somehow it slipped past my radar until now . Created and edited by Mark Millar, who penned Wanted, Kickass and The Ultimates, it features comics by a number of top writers and artist; chief amongst them is Millar's own creation- Kickass 2.

Millar, in his editorial, says "Grandpa had Eagle, Dad had 2000AD, and now you have got CLiNT, you lucky people". And I think we are very lucky. Production quality is very high, and the magazine includes work by Millar himself, as I have already stated, as well as writing by noted celebrity comic fan Johnathan Ross, and comedian Frankie Boyle, plus interviews and competitions etc.

The price is £3.99 for issue 1, which is a bit steep if you ask me; I can buy a graphic novel of £15 or borrow one from the local library for free. That said, I will probably buy issue #2, and maybe even#3, just to see if I get into it. I think it is good to give new things a fair crack of the whip.

It's been a long time since we had a new comic magazine. 2000AD went off the boil a long time ago, if you ask me. I am looking forward to settling down with my brew and reading Kickass 2

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