Thursday, 2 September 2010

Nightmaster Returns!

The Nightmaster, dark avenging vigilante hero, has returned. Many believed he was killed by the villain Doctor Apocalypse, but there have been numerous reported sightings of this mysterious, and fearsome, superhero. Police sources have confirmed that a hero matching the description of the Nightmaster was involved in the capture of notorious supervillain Strongarm. As yet no one has been able to ascertain whether this is the original Nightmaster, or someone else taking on the mantle of responsibility in his name.

This mini is a bit of a conversion. The body belongs to a vampire made by Heresy. It comes with three different head options. The heads made it into my Bitz box, because I didn't like any of them. This head is off a Heroclix mini; Black Cat, I think. I recon it works rather well.

I envisage Nightmaster as a powerful reoccurring NPC hero in my RPG campaign. I think every city needs a character like Nightmaster- someone who terrifies all but the most insane criminals. Cowardly and superstitious lot!


Deserter said...

Great conversion! I've been looking at various clix (and Star Wars miniatures) for headswaps for AE Bounty aliens recently...

Rob Bresnen said...

Thanks. It was very easy to do. Their soft plastic is easy to cut with a craft knife, and so it's very simple. I don't know why I never thought of it before.