Saturday 18 September 2010

Toxic Shock!

Firstly, let me say a hearty welcome to my new followers, Dr Willit and Dr Phobos- Nice to have learned me take an interest in my humble blog (I am assuming they are real doctors, and not mealy masquerading under an assumed name to hoodwink unwary bloggers!)

I have been jolly busy of late, but much of the things I have been working on are not directly related to superheroes and villains. My new found love of 1938: VBCW, and cowboys, has to an extent overshadowed my painting for my Supers campaign. It has been suggested that I abandon the pretence that this is a Super-related blog, and just accept that it's gone of on a rather peculiar tangent, but I intend to stick to the core content of 28mm Super-stuff, with occasional forays off into the realms of other genres of the hobby. To that end, I have a new offering for you, and one that is most defiantly four colour.

Toxic Shock is a feared deranged killer, but it was not always so: his alter ego, Dr Simon Montegrew, was once a well respected bio-engineer and microbiologist, who's works into toxicity pushed the boundaries of medicine forward. Then Dr Montegrew was kidnapped by goons working for the evil Doctor Otto, and forced to assist the wicked genius in his attempts to develop a super-serum. Team Metro attempt to effect a rescue, attacking Doctor Otto's secret laboratory. During the battle, the unfortunate Dr Montegrew was knocked back into a shelf of samples of the Super-serum, and was transformed into Toxic Shock.
Since that time Toxic Shock has plagued the citizens of London, carrying out seemingly random acts of violence and terror. As the toxins in his own body have ravished his flesh Toxic Shock has been forced to replace his own organs with cybernetics: Now he is more machine than man.
His mind too is shattered, poisoned by all he has endured. Little or nothing of the good doctor now remains- only unremitting pain and rage.

This mini is another Pulp City mini, this one being based on Nuke, a radioactive villain. I changed the head for a left over one I had from West Winds Weird World War Two range, just to make him look a bit different. I opted for a yellow and icky green colour scheme to suggests the bio-hazardous material locked into his body. I am not a huge fan of painting yellow, but I gave it a go and am reasonably happy with the results.

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