Sunday 5 September 2010

More Red Scousers

Reinforcements have arrived for my Very British Civil War force. The latest recruits to the Communist Party of Liverpool have turned up just in time for this weeks game of VBCW at the Stourbridge War Gamers Club.
Javier Caballero, or The Spaniard, as he is generally known, is a fanatical supporter of international communism. Fresh from the battlefields of the Spanish Civil War, he is a battle-hardend veteran and an experienced leader of men. Just what the Liverpudlian Communist Party need.
Also freshly arrived through the port of Liverpool is a consignment of Russian made rifles, including the much prized sniper rifles. The Russian advisers are currently training the Liverpudlians how to use them, and it is hoped that in the built-up urban battlefields of Liverpool the Sniper Section will take their toll on the Fascists and Royalist forces.
Here's a motley collection of new recruits, sporting a mix of Russian made Mosim-Nagant rifles and British Lee Enfields. One or two also sport the colours of their local football teams too, in flagrant disregard for the Communist Party Regulations.

These figures are a mix of Partizan's by Black Tree Design and French Resistance Fighters by West Wind Games. The snipers are by Black Tree, and the Spaniard is by Artizan Designs. They bring the communist force up to 44, and so I think I will have to concentrate on the royalists for a bit to bring them up to strength.

This week I went to Stourbridge for another game of VBCW. I will post some pics soon, and let you know how I got on.


pulpcitizen said...

The VCBW stuff is really growing Rob. Looking forwrds to eventually getting some games in.

Deserter said...

I love "The Spaniard". Perfect for what you're using him as!