Friday 18 February 2011

Four Colour Super Science

Mad science is a fundamental part of all the best superhero stories. Think of the works of Brainiac, Dr Cyber, Doctor Doom and other such sicko-scientist. It seems reasonable that a four colour supers campaign will inevitably features some elements of super-science, and with this in mind I have just finished off the first of my mad scientist inspired techno-gubinz.

These pieces are resin and are made by Fensis Games. You can find them on Ebay in the UK. They represent some generic bitz and bobz that you might find in a mad scientist's secret underground laboratory/lair. I could also see them running up in a scifi game, as part of a engineering room or something, or even part of a Kiss Kiss Bang Bang subterranean lair. I am nit sure what they are, but the could be some sort of field generator, or even a doomsday device.
They have been augmented with a few stick on jewels I found in my children's craft cupboard, and a shiny semi-opaque marble I my son sold me (That's right, sold me! The cheek of it! I probably bought it in the first place).
On a different point, I am delighted to report that I have picked up forty followers. Its great to know that there are so many hobbyists interested in my work, an I love getting comments. I will keep posting more of the same sort of random things, so long as you guys keep reading it. I hope the newbies like what they see.

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Andy said...

That is a Doomsday Device! No doubt about it .... Sooooo want one of those for a Pulp game!!