Friday 11 February 2011

Lead Painters League 2011 Starting Soon

Last years Zombies (converted from GW Zeds)

That time of year is here again- the new Lead Painters League, 2011, is due to start soon. For those of you who don't know, the Lead Painters League is an online painting competition hosted by the Lead Adventure Forum. These is no prize, apart from bragging rights; it's just for fun. The basic idea is that each week, for 10 weeks, competition entrants each enter a photograph of a squad of at least five miniatures they have painted. The entrants are paired off at random, and then forum members vote which one they like the best. Points are awarded for painting, and for each new entrance, so it is advantageous, but not necessary, to enter a new photo each week. There are also three bonus rounds too, when more points are awarded for entering a photo of miniatures based around a certain theme. This year the bonus rounds are 'Civilians and By-standers', 'Africa' and 'Scenes from the Movies'.

Last year was my first year in the LPL, and I really enjoyed it- it's a challenge, for sure, but it's also a chance to paint 50+ miniatures in 10 weeks, which is a lot of lead. Last year I managed to paint some SciFi barbarians, supervillians, super heroes, zombies, cowboys, and Victorian explorers (you can see what I did by using the search feature to click of Lead Painters League).

This year I am planning to enter again. Despite my best efforts I still have a lot of lead left in the garage waiting to be painted. This year I plan to split my entrants between my various interests: VBCW will feature quite strongly, with plans for Civilians, Schoolboy militias and good old trusty Tommys; For Scifi/Supers I plan to do some helpful robots, some evil clowns and (if funds permit) some more zombies. For the 'African' themed round I might do some Boers (with the plan of converting them into VBCW militiamen when the competition is over). The Movies round is proving to be a bit of a tricky one at the moment. I am thinking Shawn of the Dead, Casablanca or perhaps Last Man Standing at the moment, but I am a long way of making up my mind.

One thing is certain, I am likely to be busy for the next couple of month, and you can expect to see a lot of figures appearing on this blog.

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Andy said...

I like your planned entries for the LPL! Just don't paint them too good will ya, I would like to have some votes too if we should be paired ... ;-)

Best of luck in the LPL!