Sunday 13 February 2011

Look What Came In The Post!

Wednesday morning saw my post man struggling up the drive, bearing a small but deceptively heavy box. Upon my return from work I hurriedly tore of the carefully taped packaging, and started rummaging through the packaging material. And what did I find in side?

A horde of VBCW figures!
Some Early WW1 British- I might make them into police auxiliaries, or possibility Liverpool Free State Regiment.

I bought them of a fellow VBCW player who is sadly having to sell off his collection of figures for personal reasons. I was delighted when he agreed I could take all 85 unpainted miniatures off his hands. As it took me 12 months to paint that many miniatures last year,this little lot should keep me busy for a while.

Some of the civilians. Unfortunate, as there based with white, and I always base in black, I will have to re-spray them and paint their faces again. I love these miniatures, there so characterful.

The miniatures are mostly Musketeer Miniatures or Empress Miniatures, with a few Wargames Foundry WW2 stuff thrown in too. They are all really nicely sculpted, and best of all have already been deflashed.

A collection of various leftist militiamen and Local Defence force set to reinforce my existing armies!

Some Spanish Civil War Carlist troops. Not sure what to do with these yet, but they may be the start of an Anglican League force at some point in the future.


tim said...


I love those small but heavy little packages! It's like your own personal, private Xmas... except you get what you want and you get it when you want it!

Looking forward to seeing these get painted over the next year and the adventures they will partake in!

Smillie said...

Top stuff, looks like a good selection of troops!