Sunday 27 May 2012

From Our Correspondent in Zugando

News from the Chaos of civil war-torn Zugando, in West Africa, can be sparse and unreliable. Outside the UN protected coastal cities law and order has all but broken down.  It takes a brave soul to venture into the hinterlands of the Zugando in search of a story. Rex Sadler and his intrepid cameraman Lance Waverly are just such individuals, chasing the truth and bringing the light of the world’s media to bear onto this small, bloody African country.

Rex Sadler (the one with the microphone) is a freebee model made by ‘The Assault Group’ and is available on request with all orders over £30. He is dressed in a suit and wearing a flack jackets (health and safety, even in a war zone!). I can see him being of use in Pulp City and in my four-colour supers game, which is why I have based his on a 30mm round lipped base. Lance Waverly is by eM4 miniatures. I have painted this figure before, a few years ago, but I know that when I needed a cameraman for my war correspondent, only Lance would do, so I bought another one. Like Rex, Lance is dressed in a flack jacket.

I imagine that this pair could be used as objectives in Force on Force, or might even turn up as the result of a Fog of War card. 

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Jay said...

Well done, Sir.