Wednesday 9 May 2012

SAGA Vikings

Having finished four points worth of Anglo-Danish (which is the minim army for Tomahawk Studios SAGA game) I have started on my Vikings. In order to make my Vikings look a bit different form my Anglo-Danes- because lets face it, there's not that much differences- I have opted to make sure all the Vikings have big bush blond beards.
This photo shows four Viking Berserkers, and one Viking warrior. I painted them for the Lead Painters League. In SAGA a group of warriors are found in groups of four, eight or twelve, but you need a minimum of five for the LPL, which explains why there are four berserkers and a an odd man out. 

The berserkers are made by Black Tree Designs, although one had a weapon swap from a sword to an axe. In SAGA it doesn’t really make a difference which hand weapon you opt for, but I though that aesthetically having them all wielding axes just worked better.  The man in mail is a Gripping Beast Plastic Viking Warrior

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Jay said...

The plastic warrior and metal men look very well together.