Sunday 6 May 2012

Superhero 'Symbiote'

Symbiote is a semi-sentient alien battle-suit that was discovered forty years ago on board a crashed UFO somewhere in the Nevada desert. When it was found it was in a dormant state, and for many years it was kept at the Broom Lake Research facility in a crate labelled 'Device 179A Extra Terrestrial Unknown Function'. While being moved to an alternative storage facility in New Mexico Symbiote awoke and managed to escape from it's storage crate undetected by the security staff in charge of moving it. 
Local sheriff Hank Lowbrung later found Symbiote, and not realising what it was, stowed it in his truck. Later that shift Sheriff Lowbrung stopped some suspected smugglers and was shot and mortally wounded in a gunfight that followed.
Symbiote detected Lowbrung’s weak state, and managed to merge its life force to the sheriff’s. The sheriff survived, thanks to his alien symbiote and found his near-death experience has given him a unique perspective. By day he still enforces the law as sheriff, but by night he brings justice to those who live beyond the law, especially the smugglers and outlaws who inhabit the no mans land between Mexico and USA. 

This figure is an Alien Battle-suit made by E4M miniatures. I slapped a bit of paint on him quickly between rounds of the Lead Painters League, just because I was aware that I haven’t painted any Superheroes for ages. I hope you like it. I plan to do a few more Supers and henchmen soon. 


myincubliss said...

Woo, Guyver! It looks great, makes me want to dig out the one I bought a while back!

Unknown said...

I never knew there was a Guyver mini! Yay!
Getting one of those

Rob Bresnen said...

Thanks guys

Here's a link to EM4

Sadly, they are out of stock.

PMMDJ said...

Nice work. Love the writeup also.