Monday 21 May 2012

Random Musings

 Yesterday was my 12th Wedding Anniversary. I got some very nice DVDs, but after doing a little research I found out that twelve years of marriage is a 'silk' wedding anniversary. I was a little disappointed to learn that there is no pewter or lead wedding anniversary, or even for that matter, a resin wedding anniversary. This seems somewhat remiss of the wedding anniversary organising people.
 In fact when you think about it, it seems a trifle one sided- gold wedding anniversary; diamond wedding anniversary, ruby wedding anniversary.
 There’s not much in there for the blokes. Where is the ‘X-box Wedding Anniversary’? It’s almost as if the people who came up with the lists for what anniversary gifts you should be given were all married women who had a vested interest in getting lots of nice presents of their other halfs.
But surely that’s not very likely?

 Anyway, enough rambling. You’re probably wondering why I haven’t posted anything for a while. Well I guess a bit of painting fatigue has crept in following the Lead Painters League. I painted over sixty figures in ten weeks, and while it was fun it was exhausting. I had a couple of evenings off to play on Skyrim, but now I am back to the business of painting my modern Africans. The first stage is almost complete, and I will be posting a big ‘reveal’ when they are finished, rather than showing them piecemeal.

Also in the pipeline are some more minions for my four colour super villains and some more Kiss Kiss Bang Bang spies. Keep checking in, as there will be pictures as soon as they are ready. 


Kaptain Kobold said...

"There’s not much in there for the blokes."

Speak for yourself :)

Sparkly jewellery aside, items such as diamonds can be traded for arms - even lead, pewter or resin ones :)

Jay said...

Hang in there, are doing good. And I'm looking forward to ogling at your upcoming KKBB and super villains.

Michael Awdry said...

Many congratulations on the twelve years; like you I've often thought that this was a one sided affair and have taken to purchasing small gifts on my beloved’s behalf in lieu of anniversary presents. It certainly takes the guilt out of little lead soldiers periodically dropping on the door mat. ;)

Rob Bresnen said...

Thanks for the comments guys. Some interesting ideas there- I wonder if 'The Assault Group will exchange Blood Diamonds for Somali Pirates with AK47s?
Michael- I like your idea- very sneaky, but very thoughtful at the same time!