Friday 25 March 2016

Penisular war: Légion irlandaise

The Second Battalion of the Irish Legion (Légion irlandaise) served in Napoleons armies in Spain and Portugal throughout the Peninsular War. They helped quell the 'Madrid Uprising' when the population of the city rose up against the French, in spring 1808, at the very beginning of the Peninsular War and later fought many skirmished against the Spanish Guerrillas around Burgos, where they were garrisoned. They also fought well at the sieges of Astorga and Almeida, and the battle of Bussaco. 

They wore the standard French light infantry uniform, but in a rather fetching and patriotic green and gold, which made them stand out from their peers. 


The figures are perry Plastics and the Flag is GMB


Simon Quinton said...

Fabulous work Rob! love that standard bearer

Ray Rousell said...

Damn fine work Rob!

Rod said...

They look great!