Friday 11 March 2016

VBCW: Troop Transport Boats (Work In Progress)

Here are the first shots of the Wirral Socialist Canal Workers Battalion transport boats. These have been converted form 28mm scale models from Sarrissa Precision I have added an armoured prow (which will sport a passenger served Vickers MG on an AA mount) and armoured skirts to protect the pilot at the stern. The windows have been boarded up with armoured plates to create shooting ports for the passengers.

The two vessels will carry the bulk of my WSCW Batt. platoon. They have been fitted with somewhat cramped passenger cabin that will sleep twenty men (or fourteen men with a small sick bay and an officers mess) . There are designs faults, which is to be expected given this is VBCW. Firstly there is no access for the passengers to disembark from the sides of the vessel- All passengers must embark or disembark from the prow or stern of the vessel, making it a slow process. The walls have been reinforced with extra timber, sand bags and sheet steel (counts as improvised armour), but the roof and hull have not been armoured, making it vulnerable to air attacks, indirect artillery and underwater obstacles.  

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Clint said...

Unfortunately not many canals in Kent (surrounded by coastlines so no need for canals). Or I would have to get some of these. They look very interesting.