Tuesday 15 March 2016

Photos from the West Midlands Military Show

Sunday saw me and my son  take a break from the routine and head off to Wolverhampton for a bit of retail therapy and inspiration at the West Midlands Military Show, a big wargaming and modelling convention. 

I bought a pile of sacks and crates from Ainsty castings (useful for all sorts of settings), some reaper Bones for Frostgrave, a couple of outbuildings for my French and Indian Wars farm, some Sailors form First Corps (for my VCBW Battalion) and a few other odds and sods. I also had a good chat with the owner of Charlie Foxtrot Models who make Laser-cut MDF buildings and have been inspired to try a truly mad idea later in the year (more of that closer to the time). Of course I also took time to wander around the many demonstration and participation games and to photograph a few of my favourites. 

In Her Majesties Name board- lots going on. 

Infinity City Scape (Some what stood out from the rest by virtue of its colour)

One of several nice Flames of War tables

My favourite label by far was the Very English Civil War table- not that I was biased at all because it was a demonstration game by my friends  Tym and Tom. The idea behind the game was a fast paced, swashbuckling game set in the English Civil War where various factions (some historic but some fictitious) vie for control over the captured monarch King Charles I. All pure fantasy of course, but great to look at. Last year Tym and Tom had an amazing VBCW board full of tiny vignettes and narrative elements. This years board was cram packed with even more of the same. I could have spent all day looking at it and kept spotting new things. 

Tym is a dab hand at tarting up Laser cut MDF houses- this one was covered in textured wallpaper and then painted.


Der Inselaffe said...

I really have to coordinate a trip home with a visit to that show - sounds great. Thanks for posting!

Rod said...

Fantastic pictures. There's some really lovely looking tables there.