Tuesday 29 March 2016

Scenery Bits Fform Charlie Foxtrot

I picked these up at the West Midlands Military Show from the Charlie Foxtrot store. I got talking to the owner, who was a really nice chap, and really wanted to buy some more but this was bought with the last of my cash. 
This is a tool shed and a wood store, principally bought and painted with my French and Indian Wars terrain in mind, but generic enough to be used in everything fro 18th century to WW2. I tried to paint it so it blends in with my F+IW buildings, and I used a painting guild on the Charlie Foxtrot Blog (although I didn't follow it exactly as i wanted a different colour in the end). This results in a a textured looking effect which I think looks like wood grain. 
Charlie Foxrot has a wide range of laser-cut MDF buildings and his range continues to grow at an amazing rate. I think that he has one of the largest ranges available. The pieces are good too, and eve the largest terrain pieces are not going to break the bank. 
I will be ordering from Charlie Foxtrot again. I am even considering buying another couple of tool sheds- one to have a corrugated roof for my modern African setting, and one to be covered with snow for the Ardennes. 

The 'logs' were just tiny twigs out of the garden. I was going to dry brush them but then decided that I couldn't improve on nature.

I like the way you can combine these two buildings to make a more interesting shaped outbuilding.


Michael Awdry said...

They rather good, I shall have to add them to my ever growing wish list.

Da Gobbo said...

Very nice buildings, nice touch with the twigs too

Stuart S said...

Saw these at WMMS nice to see a new entrant with some wonderful new additions.