Tuesday 9 December 2008

This is Shocking Pink, a delightful page 3 stunna turned super villainess. Really she is only in it for the celebrity, and hasn't got a genuine bad bone in her.
This mini is a very simple conversion from a Mark Copplestone mini. She was carrying a gun, but I clipped it of, suck a blob of green stuff on her fist, and then shaped it into an energy blast. The paint job might not be much cop, but I think the over all effect is pleasing.
The mini is found in FW5, (bikers) blister pack. http://www.copplestonecastings.co.uk/range.php?range=FW

This robot is one of a legion of robot warriors made by the criminal master mind Doctor Apocalypse, with help from Doctor Otto.

Again this is a Copplestone Castings mini, but this time there was no need to convert. Find him and his fellow robot legionaries a
FW 15 (Terminator Robots) at the same site as above.

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