Wednesday 3 December 2008

Welcome to My Blog

Hello out there.

Welcome to my blog, dedicated to four colour super heroes and super villains in the form of 28mm scale miniatures.

I have been painting 28 miniatures for the last 23 years (gosh that makes me sound really old!) Mostly I have collected Games Workshop minis, but a few years ago my mate Leon joined our Role Playing Group, and he is an obsessive nut when it comes to collecting and playing super hero role playing games like champions, villains and vigilantes, brave new world and Gurps Supers. As a result we have played a lot of super hero figures to use in our games. Most of them I painted to what I would call a good tabletop standard suitable to play with but not really meant to be shown off. Recently though I have been working hard at practicing some new painting techniques, and I am pleased with the results. This web site will give me a chance to show off my stuff.

The minis I am painting are not based on any existing comic book characters, but are characters from our super hero campaign. That said, there may be some similarities with published characters, but that is coincidental (mostly).

I am also a member of the Forum of Doom, , a forum of people who love the minis made by Hasslefree, Heresy, Black Scorpion and Spyglass, four miniature manufactures in the UK who produce really cool 28 mm miniatures. A lot of the figures I am using at the moment are from one of these four companies.

This is one at the top I finished a few weeks ago. it is a super heroine names Amber Blade who used to be an assassin , but has turned her back on the villainous organiastion that trained her. The mini is 28mm from Hasslefree.

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