Friday 5 December 2008

This is the Wasp, a minor super villain and sometimes hired thug. most of the other super villains think he is a bit of a joke, but his electo-gauntlets pack quite a sting.

The mini is an old Golden Heroes Miniature called Bug Bandit, made by Games Workshop (I think) and long out of production. My mate Leon managed to get this one for me on EBay, and I am delighted with him. The scale is a bit small, but that just makes him look even weedyer (if that is a word?)

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Rob Bresnen said...

Leon has just asked me to pointout to me that this mini is not called the Bug Bandit, as I referedt to him in teh text. That name is just one that he came up with in an earlier campaign and the name kind of stuck. An exaustive internet search has lead us to conclude that it is a Golden Heroes figure orginally produced by Citidel Miniatures (part of Games Worksop). Sadly he never had a name,and so I think I will still refer to him by the nick-name we gave him.