Wednesday 17 December 2008

The US marshals service has special responsibilities for enforcing federal warrants. When the felon in question has super powers they call in their own 'Super team' headed up by Marshal Law. He is super-strong and super-tough, and specialises in taking down super-powered felons. Amongst the teams other duties are escorting super-powered individuals to trail or between prisons, and protecting judges, jurors and witnesses in court cases involving super-powered people.

This mini is Harby, a Hasslefree figure.
I had to do a minor conversion as he carries a gun in his left hand, so I clipped it of and sculpted a new hand out of green stuff, which was really easy. Fan's of the genre may be interested to know that the mini Harby also comes with a chunky spare right arm and head which look surprisingly like a certain big red superhero from hell.

Also, for more information on the work of the real US marshals, check out their excellent website.

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Ettrick said...

Hey, I know him.

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