Thursday 21 October 2010

Greys in Red-Shirts

More Alien Invasion nastiness for my forthcoming Supers campaign. I have added to my Grey alien force, by painting a squad of security officers, also known as "Scenargs". They are variously armed with an Aznarg stun-probe, twin ear-cannons and a light particle transmodifcator (PTM), and wear the obligatory red-jackets clearly compulsory to all members of the Secnarg caste . More Greys will be joining their ranks soon!

These lovely little guys are made by Black Cat Bases, ad I picked them up at Salute 2010. I love their fun, cartoon styling, and think they look great in their primary colours. they will be useful for my supers campaign, but will also find their way into my SciFi campaign, when I get around to writing it, and may even surface as a team of mercenaries in AE Bounty- I love multi-purpose miniatures.

Additionally, here another space ship. This is a private yacht, The Advent, owned by the notorious smuggler-poet Andre Eg'moss. it's heavily modified engines feature particle injectors salvaged of a wrecked Martian Light Cruiser. It's a bumpy ride, but when those injectors kick in there are very few ships this side of the Arms of Orion that can match The Advent for speed.

This tiny bad-boy is just 28mm long. Again I picked it up at Salute, from GZG (Ground Zero Games).

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