Sunday 17 October 2010

VBCW buildings

I have been splurging some of my hard earned cash onto some new scenery for my 1938:A Very British Civil War (VBCW) table. I eventually plan to make two possible tables, one rural and one urban, to represent the area of Cheshire and Merseyside from where I originally hale. I have started with the rural scenery, as that is probably easier. Some of the cowboy scenery I made of Deadhorse will easily be pressed into service for a rural Edwardian England, such as the barns and shacks, as well as the fences, but I want my board to look more typically English. To that end I have bought a pub ( what could be more English than a pub). This is the Red Lion Pub, made by Warbases. It is laser cut from MDF and is very strong and durable. It cost just £12, has a removable roof, and a back yard, with a brick privy shown below). All the details are etched onto the surface, so all I have to do is paint it, and add a roof out of a suitable material. I could use plasticard, but I will probably go with the cheaper option of using a cornflake box (reuse, recycle etc).

A slightly more expensive, but less bothersome option is the second building I bought, a timbered building with a tiled roof. This is from Conflix and comes prepainted, ready to use out of the box, but I might repaint it anyway so it is black and white- All of the historic timbered buildings in the area I am trying to depict were painted black and white during Victorian times, so it would look more convincing if I do. I payed £17.99 for this, but I have since found it going for about £15 on the net (plus p+p).

I need to add some hedges, roads etc, and then may be get my hands on some farm animals etc. Mean while work progresses on the British Union of Fascists- more photos to follow soon.

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