Saturday 23 October 2010

More British Black-shirts

Captain Ernest Webster, of the Manchester Legion of the British Union of Fascists; sometime known as the Butcher of Beswick. He likes to encourage the use of this nick-name in the hopes of fostering a fearsome reputation, but in actual fact he earned it not for some act of brutality but because before the war he was just that: owner of a village butchers shop.
Webster is an ambitious man, who sees the BUF as a means to an end- and that end is to become ennobled. In his own mind he sees himself as a crusading knight, fighting for king and country against the forces of liberalism and socialism. He honestly believes if he distinguishes himself in battle, then the king might grant him a knighthood, or even a peerage. The fact that he has no experience as a commanding officer, or even served in the military, does not seem to daunt him.

Corporal Edith Benson, of the Women's Volunteer Axillary of the BUF, is Captain Websters driver, and sometimes bodyguard. Many snigger that she is a good deal more than that, but never to her face. She is absolutely loyal to the captain, and shares his vision of his eventual rise to the ranks of nobility. The BUF are not short of weapons and equipment. The Prime Minister, Oswald Mosley, makes sure that they have the latest equipment at their disposal. It's a pity that so few of them have the skill and training to put them to good use. Here is a heavy machine gun section ready to lend support to their BUF colleagues during the siege of Liverpool.

These minis are by Musketter Miantuires, exsept for Edith, who is by Pulp Miantures.


pulpcitizen said...

Crikey; more and molre VBCW on the go there.

Monsewer Crapaud said...

Nice figures.

Just started painting the BUF HMG myself.

Do like Edith's earmuffs or was that a dangerous thing to say?