Saturday 30 October 2010

VBCW: Duke of Farndon's Militia

The Duke of Farndon is a powerful figure at the royal court of King Edward, although his reputation has been tarnished by his close association with the British Union of Fascists, especially since the Prime Minster, Mr Oswald Moseley, has fallen out of favour with the King. Recently the Duke has tried to distance himself from the BUF, and Moseley, by openly supporting the more conservative British Fascisti (BF). His political maneuverings mean that the Duke is forced to spend much of his time at court in Madresfield.

The Duke is also the main land-holder in and around Chester, with his ancestral home just on the outskirts of the city. Having lost many of his holdings in Westminster to the Anglican League, the Duke is determined not to loose Chester to the damn Reds from Liverpool, and so has formed his own militia, the Chester Local Defence Force (CLDF). This private army of volunteers drawn from his estates has been armed and financed by the Duke himself. While they are firmly Royalist, the dukes history with the BUF mean the CLDF are as likely to clash with the BUF as they are fight along side them.

Captain Hon. Robert G. Grover

of the Chester Local Defence Force

The Duke, being absent at court most of the time, has appointed his youngest Nephew, Hon. Robert George Grover, as commanding officer of the CLDF. Styling himself as Captain R.G. Grover, the young lord has taken to his new role with relish, despite his lacking in military experience, or ever having held a commissioned rank. He designed his smart uniform himself, and is believed to have bought the glittering array of medals he often sports at an auction. He believes that it is more important to the average British tommy that their CO looks and acts like an officer, rather than actually having any experience.

Captain Walton, Royal Artillery

Luckily for the defenders of Chester, not all of those in command lack military experience. As well as the BUF Legions from Manchester, the city is defenced by detachments of the Royalist Northern Army, in the form of the Manchesters, loyalist members of the tretcherous Liverpool Regiment, and a detachment of the Royal Artillery.

These officers represent the start of my new force for VBCW, the CLDF. I plan on building up a small force of the militia, possibly with some allies from the regular army, and the Manchester Legion BUF. Captain Grover is a Black Tree Designs miniature representing a Russian general, but I painted him in the fictitious uniform of the CLDF, using English uniform paint by Valleyo. Captain Walton was one of Gripping Beasts WW1 German air force officers from their Red Baron pack. I just painted him up as an Artillery officer instead, without converting him.
In addition to this CLDF Stuff, I have also been out shopping, and have bought myself a train. I bought it from the Entertainer, for just £6, and I think it scales very well with the 28mm minis. Great value at the price. The trouble is I am not sure what to do with it. I think an armoured train might be cool, or I could do it up as a piece of static scenery. I think I might throw the topic out onto the Gentleman's Wargame Parlor, to see if any of the VBCW fans there have any ideas. I am thinking of getting another to use with my Legends of the Old West cow folks.
A train. Any ideas?

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wardy-la said...

Can I ask what make your train is? I have been looking for something similar with no joy so far - can't find it on the Entertainer website either.
Many thanks!
p.s. love your VBCW stuff!!