Friday 5 November 2010

The Rat Catcher

This unsavoury character is the Rat Catcher, and while he might look harmless enough, he is mastermind behind a series of audacious crimes that have plagued the city over the last few months. Leading his minions of giant rats, rat swarms and even mutant rat-men, he has infested the sewers of the city, meaning he can strike where ever he wishes, emerging from storm drains and man-holes to wreck havoc, before escaping back to his sub-terrainian lair.

Law enforcement and heroes have made it a priority to locate the Rat Catchers lair, but so far have turned up nothing, despite numerous sweeps of the city's archaic network of Victorian sewers.I painted this to prove that this blog is still about superheroes and super villains, despite the fact that all I seem to be painting at the moment is 1938: Very British Civil War (VBCW). If you like the VBCW stuff fear not, there is a glut of it on the way soon.

The miniature is a limited edition Wargames Foundry one I picked upon ebay for a couple of quid. it's a lovely characterful model. it was nice to paint brighter colours after the dowdy 1930's armies I have been working on lately. I also plan to get hold of some ratty minions for him, but as always, money is in short supply.

A big hello goes out to the newbies Nick and Cash1204. hope you enjoy and as always comments and so on are always welcome.

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pulpcitizen said...

The Rat Catcher looks ace Rob; very nicely done.