Sunday 21 November 2010

Big Game 3 (VBCW) review

Last week end I went to the famous Big Games 3 (Or BG3), one of the biggest annual event in the 1938: A Very British Civil War (VBCW) calender. Organised by hardcore VBCW nutter Mort, and attended by some of the big names in VBCW, including some of it's visionary creators.
Trades Union Band
(Not my picture, but so nice I had to use it)
Unfortunately because of work commitments, I could only attend one day, but I proudly took my VBCW militia along. The weekend was a bit chaotic, in a good way, with various battles being fought simultaneously on various tables, and events occurring on one table directly effecting the events on another table: For example, it was possible for a force to retire from one table only to enter another table, based on a rather random map in Mort's head (or based on Mort's whims, I wasn't sure which).
The campaign had a narrative style, not a competitive one- no one bothered with points values or trying to make sure the fights were balanced, it was all about building up an interesting narrative based on the battles going on.
British Union of Fascists Tank show scant regard for the high way code (again, not my picture, but too good not to pinch)
For my part I was rather on the periphery of the main battles. I was allied to the Anglican League, a militia based around the Church of England. My job was to organise road blocks and extract a tithe from passing traffic, in order to fund the Leagues continued campaigns.
In the first battle I advanced with about half my force onto a tiny hamlet, hoping to extract some money from the unsuspecting villagers and any passing travelers hoping to make their way through. Unfortunately I encountered stiff resistance from the Somerset Freedom Fighters (SFF), and their allies in the RAF, who had managed to muster up an anti-tank gun. My troops performed poorly, not least because my commander got shot down in short order by the troops of the RAF. My 3" mortar made a good showing, wiping out the best part of an RAF platoon, but eventually I was forced to withdraw and leave the village to the SFF.
My boys advance on the village, hoping to extract tithes form the locals, unaware that a large force of Somerset Freedom Fighters were heading our way, determined to stop us.
In the second battle, I managed to secure an undefended village, and construct a road block. My troops took up well defenced positions in the village. Again I was attacked by the SFF, this time controlled by Mort himself. This time I performed better, and although some heated shots were exchanged, I managed to drive off the SFF without sustaining any casualties. Once their HMG was wiped out by my armoured car they lost the stomach for the fight and quit the field.
My boys hold the line and repel a SFF attack.
All in all the event was a lot of fun, the VBCW guys were very welcoming, and the native driven plot was a welcome change form the highly competitive Warhammer 40K tournaments I have been to in the past. Things were chaotic, and often the people organising the event seemed as confused as everybody else, but it was a a great laugh. It was fantastic to play on some lovely scenery, and to see so many brilliant VBCW armies in one place. I am defiantly looking forward to BG4.

Just one of the fantastic battlefieds we

fought over- exactly what a VBCW battlefield should look like.


Smillie said...

Nice write up mate.

Monsewer Crapaud said...

"Things were chaotic"- I think that sums it up nicely Rob!

Hi Smillie, BTW the Champagne was lovely!!

Monsewer Crapaud