Thursday 11 November 2010

Battle Cars

My son Charlie (who is 10) and I have embarked on a new, exciting, and slightly silly project. We have started converting old Matchbox type cars into crazy post-Apocalypse Mad Max style battle cars, by gluing on lots of bits and bobs I have in spadefuls in the garage- all sorts of Games Workshop guns and such from a myriad of half finished projects or spares. The result looks surprisingly cool, and we are delighted with the way they turned out. Cue a frenzy of filing and gluing as we both embark on an arms race to create the ultimate killer car.

I will point out that the black car, aka The Destroyer, is Charlies. He painted it himself, and I think that it's hard to tell because his standard of painting has improved so much. I am very proud of him. My VW, aka The Battle Bug has come out very well too. Charlie added an Imperial Guard Lascannon, and death spikes made from part of the GW 40K buildings kit. I added a Heavy stubber, and oil slick dropper, and armoured wheels.

We will use the rules Axles and Alloys, which is available free of the net in a play test format. Although the cars are nominally 20mm scale, we can us the rocks and cactus etc from the western board for scenery, so I won't have to start making lots of new scenery (but I might anyway, just to use up some of the bitz I have in the garage).

Here's some WIP shots, to jive you an idea of what we did. We are hoping that when me old mucka Leon sees these pics he will feel inspired to rise to the challenge, make a few himself, and try his hand in the Arena of Death!

That's if he has got the balls.

Two cars- 70p each from Tescos

Key the paint with a file to create a good surface.

Add detailing from left over bitz box stuff, and aluminium body mesh (from car repair shop) to windows to keep the zombies out.

Bullet holes added with a pin drill.

Spray Chaos Black, paint with GW .
Don't forget some mud spatters and weathering on the paintwork.


pulpcitizen said...

Oooh! Trash talk and a challenge! I'll see what I can do.

Leon. :)

Coopdevil said...

Nice stuff! I believe Ash gave you my email address so give me a shout when you fancy a game - all the Stourbridge stuff is tucked away in a box ready to play at short notice. We've got about six/seven cars sorted and a ton of desert terrain.

Word Verification - bledle, the Volkswagen A&A car from alternative history Nazi Germany.

Jay said...

Great work, Sir.