Saturday 6 November 2010

VBCW Chester Local Defence Force

The Duke of Farndon's own militia forces continues to grow, their ranks swelled with volunteers from the dukes personal estates in and around Chester. Here is Lieutenant Arthur Maxwell, recently commissioned to the CLDF. Luckily for the CLDF, Maxwell has some previous millitary experience, all be it during the Boer war in 1902. He was retired from the army after receiving a wound in battle, and since then he has worked as a solicitor in Chester. The Duke himself personally persuaded Maxwell to once more take a commission. At 57, Maxwell is well past his prime, but his experience and maturity are useful in tempering Captain Grover's own excessive enthusiasm. He also like to point out that he won his medals in battle, unlike his commanding officer.
Maxwell's adjunct is Second Lieutenant William Pinkerton, who previously worked for Maxwell as a solicitors clerk. Pinkerton is, at best, unimaginative as an officer, but his meticulous attention to detail is ideal for his role as adjunct.
Their uniforms are specially made by the good women of the Chester Women's Institute to a design made by Captain Grover. Not quite as nice as his own, but certainly conforming to his own sense of what an officer should look like.

2nd Lieutenant Pinkerton and Lieutenant Maxwell
of the Chester Local Defence Force
These minis are from West Wind Games (I think, or they might be Black Tree Designs). They are WW2 Soviet officers, but Maxwell has had a head swap with one of WWG's own WW2 British army heads. I added a holster to Maxwell's belt using green stuff.

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Yet another growing faction for your VCBW collection Rob - more great stuff there.