Friday 26 November 2010

Tintin Vs Cthulhu

I so wish that some one would write this book. This has to be the greatest ever idea for a Call of Cthulhu adventure.
This is the work of artist Murry Groat, who has made four Cthulhu/Tintin covers, including Tintin in Innsmouth. It's very cleaver and right up my street.
It's kind of got me thinking, as Mark Copplestone already does a Tintin character, and some snow-bound explorers, it could be great fun to do as a mini project (And could possible tie in with my Pulp stuff).
Great, just what I need- another mini-project to distract me!


Smillie said...

Oh god no, don't do it rob, and dammit your encouraging me to buy something to go with the little group of cultist's that I have.

tim said...

Oh my!

That is awesome! Thanks for sharing that.

I have the Coppelstone Tintin figure and I used an Artizan Designs LRDG figure to make Captian Haddock:

Tintin, Snowy, & Haddock

Rob Bresnen said...

Tim thats a great picture. Cpt haddock shout wield a Tommy gun, IMHO.