Friday 3 December 2010

Rat Catcher Returns With Minions!

The evil Rat Catcher is rumoured to have recruited some minions to help him commit his wicked crimes. From the deepest depth of the city sewers he has brought forth giant rats, to do his bidding. His reign of terror shows no sign of slowing, despite the best efforts of the city officials and superheroes to unearth his subterranean lair.
In addition to the giant rats, he has also been sited in the company of hideous mutant giant rats. No one knows where these monstrous creatures came form, but they seems as loyal and as vicious as a pack of wolves.

I found these lovely miniatures whist sorting out some stuff for eBay in the garage. They are Games Workshop- presumably from the Skaven range (but the mutants rats might be from Necromunda). I based them on resin bases by Fenris, to be in keeping with the rest of my supers range, and with The Rat Catcher in particular. They had thin integral bases which would have been very difficult to remove without damaging their spindly legs, so I filled them back and disguised them with a bit of fine sand.

Can I say a big hello to my new followers, SR, Smillie and Zanazaz. I hope you like what you see.

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pulpcitizen said...

They look great Rob. Hopefully we will see them in use sooner than later. :)