Sunday, 5 December 2010

Battle Cars Reinforced!

Charlie and I have made two more battle cars for our crazy post-Apocalypse Mad Max thing.
Charlie created The Exorcist for his gang boss. Traveling in style, this '47 Chevy is fully tooled up fro offencive play, featuring twin bazookas, and a massive roof-mounted automatic cannon. That's serous firepower for anyone unlucky enough to find itself in front of this bad boy.
My VW Camper, Aka Grunge, belongs to a traveling band on hippy-rockers. It's tooled up with twin-linked military pulse lasers in a turret, smoke launchers and a reinforced crew compartment, making it far more defencive than Charlies vicious car.

For this lot, I broke my self-imposed rule about doing things cheaply, and splashed out £4 for the VW camper off eBay. The thing was so battered it barley had any of it's original paint on, and I know I payed over the odds for it, but I love the classic camper van so much I had to have one in my gang. Again weapons are by Games Workshop, and cars are by hot wheels (Chevy) and matchbox (VW).

Now we have got three cars a piece I think we have enough to start gaming. Charlie and I will try out the Axel and Alloys rules, and I will post a battle report, probably early in the new year.

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