Wednesday 8 December 2010

Christmas Madness Returns!

It's December and yet again I am feeling the tell tale signs of Christmas Madness creeping in: Eating too many mince pies, drinking Stones Ginger Wine, and painting inappropriate Christmas themed miniatures. Last years Christmas Madness featured evil snow man, Bad Santa, pulp heroic Santa and some very naughty toys. This years madness will feature some more unsuitable miniatures, and even a special battle report- stay tuned in, and be good for goodness sake.
No really- be good.
Christmas madness kicks of with a zombie-contagion outbreak in the Santa's Grotto at a Birmingham based department store. The resulting outbreak lead to a brief situation when the entire Bullring Shopping center was placed under quarantine until specially trained police squads and Superheroes from Team Metro managed to get the situation under control. Normal Christmas shopping was resumed after a few hours, and the relentless march of consumerism continued unabated.
As an aside, this particular outbreak of the contagion was blamed on some cheap plastic toys imported from China. Chinese authorities have, of course, denied that the contagion started in their country, and blamed western imperialism for the outbreak.

These miniature are made by Studio Miniatures. Me old mate Leon bought them for me in the summer when I was laid up with a bad knee. He wisely realised that it would take me six months to get round to basing them and paining them in time for the onset of Christmas Madness. Cheers Lee.
I would have to say that painting these was a lot of fun. They are superb sculpts, with hardly any mold lines or flash. A highly recommended product!


pulpcitizen said...

Very nice. If nice is the right word for flesh-eating X-Mas celebrants...?

Deserter said...

Lovely set of miniatures, I had meant to buy them before Christmas. Bugger! I'll have to make sure I get them for some games next year :)

Great paintjobs!