Thursday 9 December 2010

New Superhero Sighted- Fatastic Elastic

The newspapers are ablaze with the story of the cities latest superhero, spotted yesterday preventing a bank heist. The Hero, who calls himself 'Fantastic Elastic', is seemingly unaffiliated with any of the existing super teams. An unnamed source close to Fantastic Elastic revealed that he developed his astounding stretching powers after a freak accident in a chemical laboratory. In addition to being able to stretch, his rubbery body is resilient to damage, and regenerate extraordinary quickly.

This one was a quicky, because I was aware that I haven't posted any superheros lately, just lots of villains and thugs.I also needed a stretchy guy, as I am using the excellent Squadron UK RPG for the forth coming supers campaign, and it features a rather unique random power generation table, and I keep on rolling stretch powers. This it the first mini I have painted who is obviously a stretcher.

This is a Mutants and Madmen miniature, by Black Hat Miniatures (not to be confused with Black Cat Bases, who make the grey aliens I have been painting). I picked up at Salute 2010. He stands 50mm tall. His legs too thin to easily take off his tab, so I opted for a slotta base for a change.

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Sky said...

Great job! He looks a bit sinister, so much for the wisecracking comic relief stretch guy. Nice paint and nice mini.