Wednesday 15 December 2010

Christmas Madness Pulp City Battle Report!

"Twas the night before Christmas all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse."
Things are seldom that peaceful in Pulp City, even at Christmas, and this year is no different.

This is a bit of Christmas silliness my regular Pulp City opponent, Leon (aka Pulp Citizen) got up to recently. It's just a bit of fun.

Through the evil plotting and arcane experiments of arch-villain Mysterious Man, The essences of the mythical Spirit of Christmas has been split into two parts. The first part, the bit that likes to reward all the children in the world who have been good, and who braves the Arctic winters to bring joy to the world, has become Good Santa. Unfortunatly, the other part of Santa, the part that likes to swig brandy and scoff mince pies, and punish the naughty children, has become Bad Santa!

Bad Santa is hell bent on ruining Christmas for everyone by building an army of evil toys and terrible snow men to help him take over the world. To do this he needs to capture the mythical Snowman's Hat. With the hat, he will have all the power he needs to ruin Christmas for ever. Bad Santa Has assembled a team of unscrupulous villains to help him capture the Snowman's Hat.

Bad Santa with Evil Toy and Terrible Snowmen minions, Francis Gator, Guerrilla, Sanguine and his little vampire dog Draku. (Controlled by Me)

Luckily for everyone else, The Good Santa has also assembled some allies from amongst the heroes of Pulp City, and is determined to stop Bad Santa capturing the Snowman's Hat.

Good Santa with Kitty Cheshire, Iron Train, Crimson Phoenix (a play test character) and two Vigilante Minions. (controlled by Leon, Aka Pulp Citizen)

Bad Santa's team got off to a sterling start, when the vampire Sanguine surged forward to grab the hat. Good Santa's team seemed surprised by the sudden move, but soon recovered. The heroes advanced as a team, slow but sure.

Good Santa advances behind Iron Train, whose massive armoured body acts as a mobile shield.

As the evil minions advance the civilians run for cover!

Kitty Cheshire phases through a car, supported by two vigilantes, and manages to take down Sanguine. Bad Santa then cuts her down in a hail of gunfire.

Kitty and her allies take out the vampire Sanguine before he can make good his escape. The Snowman's Hat is still up for grabs.

Iron Train smashes right through a Terrible Snowman like a snow plow.

Good Santa grabs the hat while Crimson Phoenix leaps into action against Bad Santa. Bad Santa's minions launch themselves ant the vigilantes, heedless of the dangers, but prove to be no match for the good guys. A violent brawl erupts in the center of the table, before Bad Santa is taken down by Crimson Phoenix's Five Fingered Death Punch.

Iron Train then fights a heroic rear-guard action against Francis Gator and Guerrilla, while Good Santa Makes good his escape with the Snowman's Hat.

Iron Train takes out Gator, but both Iron Train and Guerrilla prove well matched, and a Titanic battle ensues, with neither one of them able to best the other.

Good Santa escapes with the Snowman's Hat, heroically saving Christmas for everyone (Hooray!)

I hope you enjoyed this bit of Christmas Madness. It was lots of fun to play, even if I was cursed by the gods of crappy dice rolling. Check out Leon's excellent Blog, Pulp Citizen, devoted, as you might guess, to all things Pulp City. Leon will be posting his own version of the battle report, which may give a different perspective on the fight.

Leon set himself a challenge at the beginning of the year, to paint the entire range of Pulp City Figures before new year- keep checking his blog and see how much progress he is making as the deadline approaches. He has already made a herculean effort, not helped by the fact that the guys at Pulp Monsters keep bringing out more minis! He only has a few more left, and needs all the support he can get, so why not pop over to is blog and post an encouraging message.

Merry Christmas every one.


Smillie said...

Top stuff, nothing like a bit of wacky xmas gaming to warm up for the big day itself.

Andy said...

A fun read, superbly painted models, nice scenery ... What more can we ask for ? Except maybe more of the same :-)

Sky said...

Awesome! The battle report gives me a real "holiday special issue" vibe. Great minis and scenery.

Papa JJ said...

Hooray, Christmas is saved! Very enjoyable battle report, the minis and terrain look great. Thanks for the good cheer!

Wampley said...

Hey, awesome ARR!
Where's Good Santa miniature from?
Thank you