Tuesday 21 December 2010

Pulp Hero WIP

Pulp is a genre of American writing, predominately from the 1930's and 1940's, which features extraordinary heroes battling it out with the likes of Nazis, dinosaurs, cavemen and so fourth. It's long been an era that has interested me, especially considering that these all-American heroes, such as Phantom, The Shadow and Rocket Man are really the precursors for the four colour heroes.
I am planning to get on and do some more Pulp stuff in 2011, as is me old chum Leon. Originally I painted my pulp miniatures with a view to role-playing, but Leon and I have recently decided it would be fun to do a few skirmish games too.
Here is the first of my new wave of pulp minis painted specifically for skirmish games. This is one of the American Rocketeers Corp. These brave and adventurous individuals are always vigilant when it comes to protecting the American way form the nefarious plots of the villainous Nazis!
I thought I would post this picture to show you what I am up to, but I posted it as a WIP as I am not entirely happy with the green for the helmet and rocket pack; I might yet repaint it. Obviously I also need to flock his base etc. I plan to paint six of these guys- kindly given to me by Leon, presumably to kick start me back into the pulp mood- well it worked!
These lovely minis are made by Pulp Figures over in Canada, which is probably one of the best ranges of pulp ere minis out (along with Artizan Designs Thrilling Tales range).


Andy said...

If you want to play some Pulp style skirmishes be sure to check out "Where Heroes Dare!" from Iron Ivan Games. It is a fast playing highly customisable set of rules. Some expansions have already been released, but I do not have them yet, the basic rulebook already has plenty to offer!

Btw, nice mini and I kinda like the green colour ...

Doctor Warlock said...

I LOVE these I have a whole Army of Them LoL (Unpainted of course)

Rob Bresnen said...

Thanks Guys. There is no question that pulp figures are some of teh nices around. The only problem is every time I order fromm Canada of USA I get screwed for tax.
Andy- Leon's already picked up Where Heroes Dare!so it looks like we will be using that- thanks for teh tip.

Allison M. said...

(total drive-by commenting, via Steel City Supers)

I'm glad to see Bob Murch's stuff is so popular, though these aren't at all his best work. Compared to his cavemen/Neanderthals and a lot of his characters, the rocket men seem downright unfinished (e.g. their blobby legs and some of the helmets). But they're still pretty cool, and I can't think of anyone else who has sculpted a whole unit of them...