Sunday, 12 December 2010

Narg Slave Race

The Unnargs are a sub-race of the Narg aliens, believed for have developed into a distinct species millenia ago. The Narg's view the Unnargs as little more that beasts, and have enslaved the entire species. In Narg society the Unnargs are employed exclusively for hard manual labour, something the Nargs are physiologically unpredisposed towards. Generations of selective breading, and later genetic manipulation, have produced a people that are strong and durable, yet docile and easily trained. Unnargs have been known to exhibit rudimentary psyonic powers, especially empathy. Their peaceful nature is likely to make them a rare sight as part of any invasion force.

This mini is an alien made my Hasslefree. I picked it up at Salute 2010, and have finally got around to painting it. It is obviously a relative of the Grey aliens I bought from Black Cat Bases.

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