Thursday 13 September 2012

Zombicide arrives today!

An exciting day for me as my copy of the brand new zombie skirmish board game Zombicide arrived from the states (after having been delayed by the good people of HM customs wanting their slice of the pie- the buggers!). Guillotine Ggames and Cool Mini Or Not produced this game using the Kick Start website.

It came in a suitably big box, with some other goodies. Here is me unpacking it!

I’m just off to my Thursday night gaming session with the lads, and I am going to open the game box then. I will post some pictures of the game content tomorrow, but from what I have seen already it looks amazing!


Me desperately ripping open the box

 Oh  T-shirt. I forgot I ordered that!

A print- A nice surprise

How excited am I!


MIK said...

Rock on, congrats and enjoy! We (without out any customs shenanigans) have enjoyed a handful of games, you'll find it was worth the wait!

styx said...

Coworker brought his copy by and I looked at it. A very nice set...a shame I missed out.

Simon Quinton said...

Sweet, Like a child at Christmas. Seen some good things done with the figures from this set are you going to paint them all up?