Monday 24 June 2013

East End Apocalypse: Moh and Parker

Moh is Alysha's boyfriend, and one of Gary's 'crew'. He was born in Eritrea, and came to the UK as a young boy to escape the conflict in his country. His father had hoped that he would make something of his life, but he fell in with the wrong crown and was always in trouble at school. He is sixteen and short for his age, but that just makes him more determined to prove himself by taking risks, especially when Alysha is around

Parker is a wana-be gangster. He is only twelve, but likes to think he comes across as a lot older. He has started following Gary and the other gang around as they patrol the estate form zombies. The older boys have tried to get rid of him, but he is very persistent and now they have resigned themselves to the fact he is part of their 'crew'. He tends to run errands and act as a look out for the others, and has yet to make his first  zombie kill. 

Parker and Moh are both Hasslefree miniatures. Moh has the same basic body as Lenard from the previous post (the boy with the chainsaw) which is why I used Green Stuff to convert Lenard. The change of posture with him stepping off the curb helps too. 


Simon Quinton said...

Great job on Rob, Hasslefrees kids are some of my favourite miniatures I wish they had more like Parka in more casual clothes than the uniformed kids.

Michael Awdry said...

More great work, love the cammo trousers.

Smillie said...

Nice work, I like the finish on the fire axe, very sharp!

pulpcitizen said...

More great work. I would swear the asbo survivors outnumber the zeds by now at the rate you are going!