Saturday 15 June 2013

Lord of the Rings: Mayor of Bree

Bree stands in the ruins of Cardolan, the former kingdom of men. Since the collapse of Cardolan Bree has owed its fidelity to no king, and in effect the major of the town has acted as an autonomous ruler. 

The mayor of Bree is not a brave man, nor especially valiant. The blood of Numenor runs very thin in his veins, and his only connection to the Dunedain is through an ancient ancestor. He is, however, good at the day to day business of keeping his town running. If Bree was threatened by a substantial force, the mayor would be expected to lead his people into battle, but the mayor is wise enough to lead commanding the troops to the captain of the watch, or to the wandering ranger known locally as Strider. 

I am not really sure who makes this figure. It's an old one with an integral base, and I have a feeling it might be Ral Partha. I picked it up on eBay, reasoning that as it was an old figure it might scale well with the Perry Twins Lord of the Rings, which it does very well indeed. 

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Louis Britton said...

It is indeed a Ral Partha miniature, called Lord of the Household on their site. Lovely paint job on him, he looks quite splendid in all his finery.