Tuesday 4 June 2013

Winter Survivors

This was my latest Lead Painters League entry. They are  some survivors from a post-apocalypses zombie filled winter. Initially they will be used for fighting zeds, but eventually I can see they might be useful in my Force on Force games set in Finland. I might need some armed civilians for something? 

Other, more off the wall ideas I have had include a 'The Thing' type scenario, or as a explorers in a Cthulhu-modern game. Perhaps they could even be armed civvies for AE Bounty? Lots of possibilities. 

They are, from left to right, Mojo, Mojo, Hasslfree, Fenris Games and Mojo. 
Mojo Miniatures is a new small company with a nice range of winter survivors  Fenris mostly do resin bases and so on, but they have a small number of investigators for a Cthulhu-modern setting, and Hasslfree are...well Hasslfree is just the place to go for zombie-apocalypse survivors. 


Michael Awdry said...

These look great, I wasn't sure about the Mojo miniatures but seeing them here I might be tempted. With regards to a possible 'the thing' scenario, check out the studio miniature Facebook page - they are only doing a 'not' MacReady!

Simon Quinton said...

MOJO are on my list to get very useful. I'm looking forward to the second wave.

Great looking bunch of multi use survivors mate top job :D

Adam said...

You've done a great job with these, and they fit together nicely. I like the dynamic pose of the Hasslefree figure, but can't help but looking at him sometimes and view hims as though he is just standing on one foot.

Good job.

pulpcitizen said...

Great job Rob. The Monjo stuff looks better here than on their site, so kudos mate. Very nice set. :)

Rob Bresnen said...

Thanks guys. In my opinion the Mojo stuff is pretty good. I don't think it is quite as well sculpted as the hasslefree or Fenris, but it is characterful and very well cast without much by way of flash. The also fill a nice niche very well. I really enjoyed painting them and will certainly consider buying some more. The price is pretty good too.