Thursday 20 June 2013

East End Apocalypse: The Three Sisters

During a zombie apocalypse only the tough, or the lucky, survive for long. These three young sisters would defiantly fit into the 'tough' category. Growing up on a rough, rundown council estate in east London, they are used to looking after themselves. When the zombie apocalypse started, they responded with characteristic family loyalty. Ignoring the authorities, who insisted everything was under control, Alysha 'bunked' school and went to get her sisters. They armed them selves, and prepared to fight!

Alysha is the oldest of the sister, and the responsibility weighs heavy  on her young shoulders. there is nothing she would not do for her siblings. Her preferred weapon is a hockey stick she stole from school. She is just as than happy to beat the living daylight out of of anyone who looks at her sister funny as she is knocking a zombies brains out. 

Princess is a rock chick (not call her an emo, or she will kick your ass!). She has a large dose of 'lack of respect for authority' and even chaffs when Alysha tells her what to do. Her weapon of choice  a baseball bat!

 Little Minnie is the youngest of the three, and doesn't really understand what is going on. She is very scared most of the time, but hides it well, copying her bigger sisters by making a show of aggressive bravado. She misses home, and her school, and is glad Alysha is here to look after her. Her preferred weapon is a rounders bat, but as she can't do much damage it is mostly for self defense. 

Alysha is by Crooked Dice, while Minnie and Princess are from Hasslefree. I painted them for Lead Painters League  by the photo I took didn't do them justice, so I am posting them here individually with better pictures.  I am going to post the boys soon too. 


Michael Awdry said...

Superb Rob! A fabulous idea, I've got these three on the table as part of my St. Trinians crew.

tim said...

These are brilliant! I love the back story.

Jay said...

Nice job: paint and personal details.

Simon Quinton said...

Great idea Rob they look good together as a group. Nicely painted mate and there background is cool.

pulpcitizen said...

Great stuff. Pity the poor zombies who get in their way. :)